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Hotel Football partners with RedArmyBet

RedArmyBet are the only bookmakers that are committed to sharing 50% of net profits directly with United fans.

They’re dedicated to improving the matchday experience for Reds, an ideal that fits in perfectly with Hotel Football.

A partnership between a bookmaker started by United fans, run by United fans and for United fans is the perfect fit for the go-to destination for any Reds visiting Old Trafford.

By teaming up with Hotel Football, RedArmyBet is determined to offer the best matchday experience, through hospitality, specially created United bets and competition offers.

With a matchday presence at Hotel Football for every home fixture, RedArmyBet will be on hand to add to the atmosphere of United fans enjoying a pre and post-game drink, meal and chat as we share our love of the world’s greatest football club.

RedArmyBet ambassadors including United legend Brian McClair and former World Boxing Champion Anthony Crolla will also be joining us to greet and interact with supporters and help spread the word about the bookmaker committed to United fans.